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New Fantastic Spaces - All Your Own

Standard or Custom Built-In Cabinets: Built-in cabinets add a level of stylish sophistication that normal installations simply cannot match. Made to look like an intrinsic part of the wall itself, custom-made cabinets, bookshelves, and wall-niches create a natural appeal that is as versatile for decoration and storage as it is aesthetically beautiful.

Mantels: The mantel acts as a showcase for the decorative elements of your most comfortable entertaining space. We work to design, fabricate, and install the most stunning mantles, just for you – and attract the eyes of your guests!

BathroomsAntique, traditional, transitional, contemporary, modern...whatever your style. We can help you design the bathroom of your dreams.

Closets: Ever feel like your closets have no storage space for all your things? Well, it’s time to change that with a cabinet from Sudbury Hearth & Home! We can design closet cabinets and other storage areas for you so you can fit everything into one area.   

Offices/Libraries: Office cabinets just aren’t for files anymore! Our local Sudbury, ON outfit can build cabinets for just about every business purpose – from storing coffee and kitchen supplies to more modern, impressive pieces for the boss’ private work space.

Wine CellarsWhether you are a wine connoisseur or simply prefer to save a variety of wines for special occasions, we can help you design the perfect wine cellar for your home. 

Design Options: Our range of cabinet options – oak wood, pine, cherry, even glass and metal – can be customized to fit your specifications. Our experts will work with you, from consultation to installation, to ensure the highest levels of customer satisfaction. 

For more information about our custom cabinets, or to schedule your own personalized appointment with us, please call our office at 705-586-3233.